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Neural Pathways & Broken Wrists

Neural pathways and broken wrists!

So 3 years ago today I broke my right wrist when I slipped and fell in the snow.

I am right handed so it was extremely difficult to start doing everything with my left hand and I made a right mess of some things to start with. I didn’t have the strength or the dexterity to do certain things like operate my keyboard mouse, write & cook and clean etc.

My daughters heard their mum swear more than usual ☺️ but gradually, over time, I started to get the hang of it.

You see our neural pathways follow the same routes they always have unless we need or decide to change them.

My right handed neural pathways had to be suspended while new left handed neural pathways were created so I could get on with my life.

And this is no different when we have therapy.

Our brains are used to working a certain way and usually by the time we go for therapy this is not a healthy way.

So together we help you to create new neural pathways so the behaviours, habits & thoughts that you DON’T want or need anymore can be stopped and replaced with behaviours, habits & thoughts that you DO want instead 😀

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