I help people remove negative, anxious thoughts & behaviours without medication or months of therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Take back CONTROL of both your mind and body with Anxiety Specialist, Karen.

  • understand how the brains protective  signalling system works
  • learn why & how your anxiety has developed
  • discover how to retrain your brain & STOP your anxiety in a completely safe & natural way
  • take back control and change your life
I am able to work with you face to face, or via Skype/FaceTime.

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As an Anxiety Specialist most of my clients see me for anxiety therapy because they either feel unable to deal with the issue on their own, want to follow a proven anxiety programme with someone who is an Anxiety Specialist, want to get better quickly without medication or months of therapy or all three! 

Because of this, I have a lot of experience working with Anxiety and subsequently a lot of success.

Anxiety appears in many different forms.

Maybe drinking more alcohol than you used to. Not sleeping as well. Worrying about things you didn’t used to. Upset stomachs, or constant headaches.  Or maybe just not enjoying life like before but not really knowing why.

Feeling anxious can feel immensely overwhelming and debilitating and it can often seem like your emotions are totally out of your control.

BUT this is NOT the case, you may FEEL like your emotions are totally out of your control, BUT they are NOT! They are VERY much in your control!

My Specialist Anxiety therapy uses a combination of techniques and therapies that I have learnt over the years, I am able to help you recognise where your negative thought patterns are causing you to get in your own way, remove debilitating feelings and behaviours and rapidly get you back into feeling in control of your mind and body again.

But what is Anxiety? & what is the difference between Stress, Anxiety & Depression?

This is a question I am often asked, and in my experience, Stress, Anxiety & Depression manifest in that exact order.

Firstly, Stress, we all feel stressed at times and stress on its own and in short bursts can be a good thing. During periods of stress our fight/flight mechanism kicks in, creating increased levels of adrenaline which in turn, creates increased levels of energy, productivity, focus and concentration.

If, however, Stress continues over an extended time period of time, it can lead to the second stage, Anxiety.

Specialist Anxiety therapy

Now Anxiety is where you are feeling stressed most of the time, often without consciously knowing why.

During a period of anxiety, your brain repeats the fight/flight stress reaction mentioned above but it goes on for much longer periods of time.

This results in your body being filled with the stress hormone cortisol, this increases the adrenaline produced in your body and then this in turn causes rapid shallow breaths that can then lead to light headedness, nausea, upset stomach, sweaty palms etc.

Clients often report they started feeling anxious about one or two things but over time more and more issues got added to the list. Eventually, and disappointingly, by the time they arrive for Anxiety Therapy, there are a whole host of issues they feel anxious about, with them feeling anxious about feeling anxious as the anxiety generates its own anxiety and feels out of control.

This is where the feelings of overwhelm and burnout start to appear, and this can then lead to the body becoming over tired and that is when, in my opinion, the third stage, Depression can set in.

Depression is the brains way of slowing you down, it can’t operate in fight/flight mode for extended periods of time, that isn’t what it’s there for. So it slows you down and protects you from burn out.

People with Depression often sleep a lot and have no energy, interest or enthusiasm to do anything.

I am able to work with you face to face, or via Skype/FaceTime.

Use the Contact Me button above to book in a free discovery call and see if I can help you too.

Success Stories

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you've done for me, I will be forever grateful.  You helped me out so much when I needed it the most you have changed my life (therefore my families life) for the better in more ways than you know.  You are such a lovely person and I feel so blessed to have met you.  You are great at what you do but not only that you have been so kind to me and I am truly grateful.  A million thank you's!
I consulted with Karen for some stress and anxiety issues which had spiralled out of control. Thanks to her sessions ( I had 4) and variety of therapy techniques , I had learned how to control my stress levels and how to manage my thoughts and mind. I am so grateful for meeting and opening up to her! I wish I had found her sooner! How wonderful it was to be simply reminded and learn how to actually take a deep breathe properly. Karen is extremely warm and authentic, with proper understanding of unique cases; a truly gifted therapist. She made me feel comfortable and at ease. Travelling to her office and walking along the beach towards her beautiful and peaceful therapy room was enjoyable and kind of set the tone for each session. If you need help , do not suffer in silence and contact Karen immediately! I highly recommend Karen Britter Therapies! Karen, thank you from the bottom of my heart ! You have helped me tremendously! It feels so liberating to be in control of my life , my thoughts and my mind!
Dear Karen, A Big Thank you 🙏🏼 I remember clearly when I first picked up the phone to call you. This was by no means easy for me but as soon as we started talking, I knew that you were the one that would be able to help me. Help me rediscover myself, that sounds pretty weird saying it but I can only describe myself as being lost in my own life. Above all my goal was to be happy, not only to be happy being me but also happy in life. As I now know the only person that can make you truly happy is yourself. After all you are the person that you spend all your time with! As you know, I was struggling to deal with the constant negative voices in my head, going over and over past experiences as if reliving every moment again, along with every emotion. After having my first session of hypnosis with you, it was hard to grasp exactly what you’d tapped into in my unconscious mind but strangely, I felt like a weight had been lifted. I began to feel different from within and although I didn’t understand why, I certainly wasn’t going to question the whys and how’s, it was working and that was the main thing. After all, you’re the expert in that field, so I was happy for you to continue with any treatment that you felt that I needed. I will try my hardest to continue to grow towards being who I’m destined to be and where I’m meant to be in life. Even though at this present moment in time, i’m unsure of where this is. I am going to trust my journey and where life takes me. Thank you so much Karen for making such a difference in my life. I certainly wouldn’t be in the place where I am today, (a much happier place) without your help. I choose not to look back to how I was on our first meeting but only look forward in how far that you’ve helped me come. I am forever truly grateful to you. Your kind and caring nature put me at ease from the very first instant and I can’t thank you enough for being you. You’re an amazing woman inside and out. I hope that you continue to help many more people like me. Everyone that you’ve met and are yet to meet, are very lucky I know that I am. May your life be blessed with the most beautiful things in this world we live in. Forever grateful to you Karen 😇 D xx .
Rayleigh, Essex
Karen, you are absolutely amazing. After just 2 sessions with you, my daughter is like a different girl. We went to London where there were crowds of people and the train, tube etc. and she didn't bat an eyelid :). So extremely proud of her and thankful to you xx
I contacted Karen to help my daughter cope with exam stress. We were at the point where every time she went into an exam room she had an anxiety attack and we were genuinely worried she wouldn't be able to do her GCSEs because of the toll on her wellbeing. After a few sessions with Karen she became more relaxed talking about the exams and then coped in 3 mock exams without any anxiety or stress. The difference was amazing and I am hopeful we have now turned a corner and the GCSEs are achievable. I won't hesitate to contact Karen again when we have to get through the real exams if any of the anxiety comes back. She's like a different girl. Thank you Karen for your help.
We approached Karen to help my young daughter with an increasing level of anxiety. After an initial meeting to agree our goals we proceeded with one to one sessions for my daughter. After the first session my daughter started to show more confidence and control of her anxiety by using controlling techniques. After the second meeting the change was huge. In fact, for now, my daughter does not feel that she needs any further sessions. She is now once again happy in situations which had started to cause her stress. We would not hesitate to recommend Karen's services.
Southend on Sea
I would just like to thank you Karen so much for helping my daughter with her anxiety and confidence. She has only seen you for four sessions but the change in her is amazing! It’s not just me who has noticed the difference either! Thank you again xx
Thorpe Bay, Essex