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It’s only HEAVY when you hold it.

It’s only heavy when you hold it, but when you let go, it’s got no weight at all.

We can often think the people around us have not had it as hard as us.

Not had the same challenges, disappointments, betrayals.

But that is often not the case at all.

Life is balanced with the good the bad, the hard the easy, the light the dark.

It’s all part of life as it should be.

Your biggest lessons are learnt from the difficult times, there’s a shift in our perceptions & behaviours.

It’s how we grow.

If it feels heavy in your heart it will be feeling heavy in your body too.

So, you are carrying around lots of extra weight that is draining you and slowing you down.

Learn to let go of things from your past release the baggage and lighten the load.

Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Wishing you all a fabulous week.

Karen x

Anxiety Specialist

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