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What programmes are you running automatically?

Our brains run programmes all the time, programmes that run automatically in the background, without us really knowing they are there.

Programmes that look after us 24/7 whether it’s day or night, if we are awake or asleep.

These programmes run all our behaviours and make us who we are and how we react in different situations and for most of the time, they are doing exactly what we want and need them to do.

As well as keeping our body working like our heart beating, our lungs breathing, our eyes close when you go to sleep and open again when we awake; it also controls how we can walk, talk & write without even thinking about it.

And why we can tie our shoelaces and still talk to our friends, ride a bike or drive a car and not be thinking about what we are doing or where we are going because we are thinking of something else completely; like a conversation we have just had or what to have for dinner.

You see our brain learns from repetition, we couldn’t just suddenly do all these things we had to consciously tell our brain that we wanted to learn them and then gradually, over time, depending on the complexity of the task, we learnt how to do it.

It is then that the subconscious part of our brain took the job over, we can then do it on autopilot, it has learnt another programme so the front part of our brain can focus on the fun part, the part of being creative.

This is why it is so important to keep your mind positive and focussed on what you want to learn, so your brain creates positive programmes not negative ones 😉

If you need help to remove some negative programmes & create some positive ones, get in touch here at the contact me button.

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