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Are you BLOCKING your anxiety?

Are you BLOCKING your anxiety?

I know a lot of people who say they don’t suffer with anxiety, but they do!

If they aren’t having a full-blown panic attack in the middle of the supermarket, they don’t recognise the signs.

But I do.

The 20 a day smoker.
The early hours most nights gamer.
The bottle of wine a nighter.
The midnight snacker.

These are all signs of anxiety and all signs’ people brush off or ignore.

So, what can you do about it?

95% of our daily life is run on auto pilot we do the same routines, day in day out.

Our brains like routine they like familiarity so unless you consciously start to question what is happening and why, you will continue to do this.

So, the first step is to recognise you ARE doing it!

The second is to ask yourself when you are doing it, is it every day or only workdays for example?

The third is to ask yourself WHY, what is this habit doing for you? What is it distracting you from? Numbing you from? Comforting you from?

The fourth is to look for how you can reduce or stop the need to do it, how you can change your WHY?

And if it’s something you can’t change, at least for the moment, look for healthier ways to distract yourself until you can, like go for a walk, call a good friend, do some exercise.

Good luck!

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