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Trying is Lying!

Trying is Lying!

When a client tells me they will TRY to do the things we have spoken about in our session.

My heart sinks.



Bit harsh?

Ask yourself this.

If you arranged to meet a friend in town for coffee and they said.

“I will TRY to be there for 11am.”

Do you think they will be there?

What’s your gut feeling telling you?

Or does it sound like they MIGHT make it?

Or turn up late?

Or not make it at all?

But, what about this one.

“I WILL be there for 11am.”

Sounds different, doesn’t it?

You get a different feeling in that little gut of yours.

Which friend do you think WILL be there at 11am?

Yes exactly!

And think about the message it sends to your brain.

If you tell yourself, you will TRY you are giving yourself an excuse to NOT do something.

You’ve probably forgotten about it a second later.


If you tell yourself, you WILL do something.

That is giving your brain an order, an instruction and it will set to work to make it happen.

So, are you going to tell yourself “I will TRY and have a good day?

Or are you going to say, “I WILL have a good day?”

It’s a no brainer!

And if you are suffering with anxiety and WILL do the work to change your life, get in touch. we WILL make a great team!

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