How & why a panic attack happens!

How & why a panic attack happens!

Have you ever wondered why some people handle stressful situations better than others?

Why 2 people can go through the exact same traumatic experience and one is totally OK afterwards and one is totally NOT?

Do you ever look at other people and think their life/job/responsibilities are so much more difficult than yours and wonder why they are HAPPY and getting on with life and you are STRUGGLING?

The answer lies in the subconscious part of your brain. What your brain has learnt IS and ISN’T worth getting anxious about.

You see our brain LEARNS from our experiences in life.

If you think of your brain like a computer when you buy it new it has all the functionality it needs to operate but it only has a minute bit of information to get it started. The rest of the database is built up from activities, searches and files you store from then on.

And your brain is EXACTLY the same.

It is estimated our brain starts learning from the third trimester of pregnancy (6-9 months). From then on, our own database builds up and stores all information it perceives is important for us to remember (and some that isn’t!).

THE VERY IMPORTANT BIT is that up until the age of 7 you do not have the conscious part of your brain operating (the part that will question the validity of the information coming in) so if you are told/shown that something is scary; it will be, if you are told/shown something is safe; it will be!

It’s like having your OWN Google search engine.

When a thought comes into your brain your neural pathways in your subconscious will search for a match. And like Google it may find an exact match or something similar; it will act on the one it thinks is the BEST for you in the situation (and this all happens a third of a second before you are consciously aware of it!)

So if you experience something as an adult that your subconscious has learnt is dangerous it will act accordingly to move you away from the perceived danger and what better way to do that than give you a full on PANIC ATTACK!

It has DONE its job.

Most people as they move past the age of 7 are able to consciously question the reactions they are having, if they need changing, they can consciously think and act differently, and this updates our internal database so the next time the thought comes in it goes to the new reaction.

Sometimes however you need a bit of help and that is where I come in.

So if you think or know your Google search engine needs updating as you aren’t thinking or acting rationally, then CONTACT ME TO BOOK IN A STRATEGY CALL and let’s see if I can help you too 😃

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