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Anxiety can appear in lots of different ways and for lots of different reasons.
So I thought I would share some case studies with you of clients I have worked with previously.
Here is my first one.
Subject – Male 50’s
Presenting Issue – Generalised Anxiety. Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours. Bereavement
Therapy – 4 sessions
Session 1 – Very tearful first session so I checked in the next day. They said they felt relaxed when they got home and not as anxious.
Session 2 – Felt calmer all week and sleeping better than I have in ages. A business issue is ongoing now but it’s being dealt with this week.
Session 3 – Had a good week, business issue is moving forward and heard myself repeating some of the things we discussed which was amusing. I’m feeling much better subtle changes nothing dynamic but feeling more positive and enjoying the feeling.
Session 4 – Good week, I often cry with emotional TV programmes, but this has been much less. I have enjoyed the sessions and I’m enjoying feeling more positive and in control.
Message received January 2022 one year after therapy.
I can’t thank you enough Karen as without you I don’t think I’d be in the place and mind frame I am today……you can use this as a case study as well if you like!
So I did 😊

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