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What Elf would you like to create?

“Twist me and turn me and show me the Elf
I looked in the water and there saw …….”
You recite this phrase when you are being enrolled into the Brownie Guides, something I did at about the age of 7 years old.
We were turned around 3 times and then looked into a pool of water to find the Elf.
The Elf of course, was our own reflection or “myself” to finish the rhyme.
BUT this isn’t any different now we are adults.
If we want to CHANGE or BE something different, we can.
Just by creating it in our mind.
If we want to be mentally stronger, we can, by thinking what a mentally strong person would behave like and then mirroring them.
If we want to be less stressed or anxious, we can think about people who are calm and confident and mirror their behaviours too.
It’s not about being fake but developing part of our personality that we want to change and letting the new behaviour become part of who we are.
What you focus on will manifest itself.
But as the ancient Chinese saying goes “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.”
So make sure it is something that you REALLY want.
If you could look into that pool of water and see your desired self.
What do they look like, behave like, feel like?

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