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Worrier or Warrior?

Worrier or Warrior?

Believe it or not you can choose which one to be. 🤔

You can choose to believe the lies you tell yourself on a daily basis or you can choose to ignore them and get on with what you want to do with your life instead.

You can choose to decide that no-one likes you because one person doesn’t OR you can choose to focus on the people that LOVE you because not everyone will like you and if they did that would mean you weren’t being your authentic self.

You can choose to think that you are rubbish at everything because a couple of things didn’t go how you wanted them to OR you can focus on all the great things you HAVE achieved in your life knowing that if you worked at that thing that didn’t go quite right, you would learn how to do it better; like you have the 000’s of other things you have learnt to do in your life when you focussed hard enough.

You can choose to keep going into that dead end job, that sucks the life out of you until you retire because no-one else would hire you OR you can look for something different, that is going to fire you up & INSPIRE you to get out of bed every morning and look forward to the day ahead.

You can choose to roll over in bed in the morning and look into that face that doesn’t respect or love you because you will never find anyone else OR you can break free and find another face that will look back at you that loves & adores you, bed hair and all.

So girls & boys, which one are you going to be today?

Worrier or Warrior?

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