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Wanna be Anxious? Here’s my Top 10 Tips!

Wanna BE anxious?
Here’s my Top 10 Tips!
Working with 100’s of clients with anxiety, I am now an expert on how to BE anxious.
Ready for it?
Drum roll…
1. Put yourself down at every opportunity.
2. If someone upsets you or treats you unfairly don’t say anything & let them carry on doing it, in case it creates an atmosphere.
3. Worry about world events that are completely out of your control.
4. Worry about all your friends and family issues and try to think of ways to help them.
5. Make yourself available to help people even when you have lots of your own things you need to do, and you are exhausted.
6. Take any offer of help as an insult as they obviously think you can’t cope.
7. Keep yourself busy at all times, if you get a gap of time because something has finished quicker than expected make sure you fill it with something else to do.
8. Don’t take some quiet time for yourself.
9. Say yes to every invite you get; you don’t want people to think you are being rude if you don’t attend.
10. If you’ve had enough at a social event, you don’t want to offend so make sure you stay until the very end so you can be tired and irritable the next day.
And my NUMBER 1 best tip for being anxious is…
Constantly think about what you DON’T want to happen and how you DON’T want to be.
I DON’T want to have a panic attack in the shop
I DON’T want to feel anxious in the meeting
I DON’T want to feel dizzy when I go to the airport.
Your brain will focus on what you are THINKING about positive or negative, real or imagined.
So focus on what you DO want to happen and how you DO want to be!
You’re welcome 😉

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