Fear of Heights – Why we feel that we are being pulled to the edge.

Fear of Heights – Why we feel that we are being pulled to the edge.

Fear of heights, why we feel we are being pulled to the edge.

I often work with clients with a fear of heights and they often say that they feel like they are being pulled to the edge of where they are, like being pulled by a magnet.

It doesn’t make sense does it?

It is like the fear is making them do the exact OPPOSITE of what it should be doing, which is keeping them safe!

I found out the other day it has a name, it’s called High Places Phenomenon HPP for short.

HPP happens when the brain is alerted to a potential danger so the Amygdala (our fight or flight reflex) fires up and puts us into emergency mode.

But because this happens so quickly (one third of a second before our conscious brain kicks in) we are misinterpreting the message, focussing on the danger and in that split second thinking we are being guided/pulled to the edge or wanting to jump.

We don’t of course, we do exactly what the emergency programme wants us to do and back away.

Safe and sound 😀

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