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Is Anxiety Hereditary?

Is Anxiety hereditary?

A lot of people who see me believe that anxiety is hereditary.

They often come from families where a parent and sometimes grandparent have anxiety and so they believe they have inherited it too.

For most and sometimes all of their life they have had anxiety in some form or another and can’t remember being any different.

And to make matters worse it is often reinforced all around them.

They hear stories from friends and family.

“They were always a sensitive child”
“They lacked confidence from a very young age”
“They never really joined in”
“They were a bit of a loner”
“They were painfully shy”
“They found it difficult to make friends”

Sound familiar?

But what if I told you it is my belief that you were born absolutely perfect, with no trace of anxiety insight?

In my experience anxiety is LEARNT.

Anxiety is our brains way of alerting us, warning us that a situation we are thinking about or about to do is dangerous.

But what if it’s NOT dangerous? What if what we are thinking about or about to do is completely normal for most people, but just scary for us?

How did that happen? Why does it feel safe for some people but not for others?

In the same way as we learned how to walk and talk, read and write, we can also learn anxiety, how to be stressed and anxious.

As a child we learn from our environment, up until the age of 7 we are like little sponges soaking up the information from around us. We don’t question or filter what we see or hear we just take it in.

And a lot of these learnings shape who we are, how we behave and our opinions of good or bad, right or wrong in later life.

So if a parent or grandparent ACTED anxious in different situations, we would learn that it was scary and would LEARN to be anxious too.

And like anything learnt, it CAN be unlearnt, if a better way of being is found that our brain accepts as safe.

So if you want to UNLEARN how to be anxious, let’s chat.

You can book in your strategy call with me here.

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