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FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real

Are you reacting to false evidence?

Fear is a natural emotion that we have, it keeps us safe in times of danger.

I see a lot of clients who have a great life, they love their partner, they love their family, they love their job & they love their lives BUT they are feeling fearful and anxious all the time.

Why is that?

They have learnt to be fearful & anxious and as with all things we learn the more we do them the better we get at them so in the end they become automatic programmes.

So learn to break the pattern.

The next time you are feeling fearful ask yourself is this false or is this real?

If it’s real act on it as your life may be in danger.

If it’s false ask yourself how you want to feel/behave instead and focus on it, really bring it alive in your mind and your brain will switch.

As with all things it can take practice but the more you do it the better and easier it becomes, until that is your automatic programme instead. 😉

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