You are currently viewing Are you Producing your own Horror Movie?

Are you Producing your own Horror Movie?

Are you producing & directing your own horror movie?

When you are feeling anxious, that is EXACTLY what you ARE doing, you are allowing your imagination to create your very OWN horror movie.

Imagining how bad things will be in the future when you really have no idea how they will be; good or bad.

What’s more you even add to it!

It’s like you are the director in the background saying ‘cut’ let’s run that again but add in some more things that could go wrong to make it even more gripping & scary

Sound familiar?

So if you can create your own movie, why not focus on a good film, a HAPPY film?

You are the producer and director of your OWN life.

So grab your popcorn, sit down and CREATE your very own blockbuster feel good movie instead. The more detail you put in, the more it will come to life. Enjoy!

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