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Are you a Bore?

Are you a bore?

At the height of my anxiety, I know I was.

I would have the same conversations with my friends and family over and over again.

How unhappy I was, how I didn’t feel in control of my feelings or my life, how I couldn’t see a way out of feeling this way.

They would listen patiently, offer advice where they could but looking back, they must have dreaded seeing me.

So what has changed?

To be honest, a lot of my life hasn’t changed, BUT my outlook has, how I see the world, how I see how I fit in it and how I see my future.

Therapy isn’t about making massive changes to your life, although it can do.

A lot of the time it is about changing your perception about getting out of your own way and feeling & behaving in a way that works for you not against you.

If you think you have bored your friends & family enough and want to change, let’s chat.

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