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Power Hour £150

A dynamic, focussed VIP hour.  Short, direct and to the point.

Hit the ground running with this no-nonsense, no-frills power hour…

Phobia Session £150

“My ridiculous fear/phobia drives me CRAZY.”

If this sounds like you, then this fast phobia session is perfect for you…

Ignite the Light £250

All the DYNAMIC training from the Anxiety Programme.

All wrapped up in a beautiful online package, to go through at your leisure!..

Anxiety Programme £500

4- week Rapid Anxiety Release Programme.

This programme is LIFE-CHANGING for everyone who goes through it!..

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Power Hour Session £150

Dynamic, FOCUSSED, power hour session.

This is the option for you if you want a SINGLE issue dealt with.

“This is my issue & this is how I want to feel or be…” is often all we need to know to get the results you are looking for!

If you want to join my hundreds of clients that have said “WOAH what just happened?” or “Are you a wizard?”

This is the session for you.

Book your zoom or face to face session at a time that suits you.

Sometimes people use this Power Hour to meet Karen, see how she works & to decide if they want to commit to a programme.

Phobia Session - £150

“My ridiculous fear/phobia drives me CRAZY!”

“I feel like an IDIOT when I react the way I do”

“I can’t control how I react, it’s SPOILING my life!”  

You’ve tried telling yourself you are just being stupid, there is nothing to worry about, no-one else reacts the way you do and it can’t hurt you.

I’ve heard this so many times before and helped hundreds of clients to overcome their phobias and react ‘normally’.   

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques, we will be able to help you significantly reduce or remove your phobia in just ONE session!

Spiders, driving, flying, needles the ones we get asked to work with the most.

But a phobia is a phobia; it doesn’t matter what it is, they all started the same way.

Your brain thought it was dangerous once, & installed a programme to make sure you didn’t go near it again!

“How did you do that?”, “Where’s it gone?” are reactions we hear all the time.

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Ignite The Light - £250

“I’ve stopped drinking, halved my antidepressants, I’m exercising and I’m so much healthier”

That’s just one of many calm and happy clients that have taken the Ignite the Light Programme!

You get ALL the training and DYNAMIC hypnosis sessions from the highly impactful 121 Rapid Anxiety Release Programme (details below).

But instead of working 121 it’s all nicely wrapped up beautifully in a little therapy gift box.

So, you can work through the programme on your own ALL in the comfort of your own home at a TIME that suits you.

AND at a fraction of the price!

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Online Programme - Ignite the Light

Start taking control of your anxiety immediately!

Anxiety Programme - £500

This programme is LIFE-CHANGING for everyone who goes through it!

“Wow, I feel like me only stronger”,  “I didn’t realise I could feel this good” & “I wish I had seen you first,” are just some of the comments from people who have been through this programme.

Karen shares her highly impactful Panic Room techniques that STOP panic attacks in their tracks.


– How YOU are getting in your own way

– How to EASILY navigate stressful periods in a calm and confident way

– The 4 key areas to focus on to create and maintain your solid, calm foundation FOR LIFE!

– How you CAN and WILL live a happy & healthy life.


– Weekly dynamic hypnosis session to release negativity and install phenomenal positivity

– Transformational hypnosis audios that will support all your amazing work!

All this for just £500!

Why WOULDN’T you want to finally take control of your life?

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