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Physical & Emotional Pain Elimination.

I am qualified to work with both Physical and Emotional Pain Elimination.

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Old Pain to Go - Karen Britter therapies Southend on Sea

Chronic Pain Release

Chronic pain is pain that has stayed with you longer than is needed.  For example.

  • You’ve had an operation or injury that has healed but the pain remains
  • You have chronic pain from an ongoing illness that has been diagnosed and treated by a medical professional
  • You are in constant pain with no known medical cause

Based on the very latest research in neuroscience and with no need for medication or manipulation I can help with most issues in just one or two sessions.

Using an integrative approach and being led by my clients, I am achieving outstanding results in helping clients to reduce and remove chronic pain.

Pain messages are sent from your brain, it’s like a smoke alarm letting you know there is an issue like an injury or an illness.  But sometimes the message doesn’t switch itself off, it’s like the smoke alarm continually ringing after the fire has been put out.

When in pain, most people reach for the pain killers but did you know?  Pain killers relieve pain in two ways: first by interfering with and blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain, and then by working in the brain to alter the sensation of pain. These drugs neither find nor kill pain, they reduce and alter the user’s perception of the pain.

Your sub-conscious is working continually 24/7, to make sure you are safe, healthy and happy.  If you are in pain your sub-conscious is sending you a message to alert you to something.  This pain can be both emotional, physical or both. I work with you to find out what that message is, if it is still needed and if it can be safely reduced or removed.

If safe to do so, we are able to work together to block the transmission and alter the sensation of pain in a completely natural way.  As an example I am able to work with

  • Chronic physical or emotional pain
  • Pain from an old injury or illness
  • Back/neck/shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME
I am able to work with you face to face, or via Skype/FaceTime.

Make use of my free initial consultation to see if I can help you.


Client Testimonials

Since having a ruptured ovarian cyst at the end of 2016, I was suffering extreme abdominal pains on the first day of each of my monthly cycles. I had always suffered with faint period pains, but this was of a different level of pain completely.

This started to worry me and got me down. I had been to my GP and had tests and an Ultra sound, which all come back as ‘normal’.

The pains persisted which was starting to make me really anxious every month when my cycle was due. That’s when I went to see Karen.

I had just one session with Karen which was not intrusive or in anyway made me feel uncomfortable.

The following month I was pleasantly surprised when my period came and went within a few days with no severe pains! It’s now been 6 months and I can honestly say I no longer get anxious or experience any pains during my monthly cycle.
What a dream !
Thank you Karen



I saw Karen for help with Menopausal hot flashes. I didn’t have hot flushes (sweats) but felt I was overheating from the inside out. They used to wake me several times a night, I don’t function very well with little to no sleep. Karen used OldPain2Go and what she did was simply amazing. That first night I slept the whole night through. After that if I had the flashes they didn’t wake me I simply slept through. Very, very happy.


I came to see Karen as I was suffering with some hip pain. My pain has dramatically disappeared, I’m very happy as I have been suffering with this pain for quite some time. So thank you very much Karen. I totally recommend Karen for any pain therapy.


I had Karen’s therapy for migraines which I’ve had for 18 years at least once a month. I had the treatment around 12 weeks ago and so far so good – to be migraine free for this long feels amazing.

Please contact me via my online form or telephone for a free confidential consultation if you wish to find out more about either of these specialist therapies and how they might help you to overcome an existing problem.

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At my busy therapy practice in Southend on Sea I see many clients.   If you are unable to attend the practice in person I am able to work via Skype or FaceTime with many issues.  To arrange a Complimentary Consultation call now on 07941 349743.   Alternatively, complete the contact form below,  including your name, email, telephone number and if you wish, a brief description of what you would like me to help you with and I will contact you soon.  

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