So why should you see a Therapist?

So why should you see a Therapist? Despite an estimated 1 in 4 people suffering from a mental illness in their lifetime and high profile people like Prince Harry and Ant McPartlin seeking Therapy, a lot of people will only consider Therapy as a last resort after...

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How did Axe the Angst go?

Hi everyone,  my recent ‘Axe the Angst’ offer attracted a lot of interest, so I thought I would share with you some of the variety of issues that I was able to help with on this occasion.... Weight Management Improve feelings of low self esteem within an unhappy...

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Axe the Angst – Special offer

Axe the Angst!   Is stress and anxiety taking over your life? Worried about booking never ending sessions of Therapy? Like to be anxiety free by Christmas? How does a 4 session course of Therapy sound? Throughout this October and November you can book 4 sessions...

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Is it time to kick BUT?

  If so Therapy can help you!! Is this YOU?? I keep feeling tired all the time, when I go to bed I can’t sleep! I’m sure it would help to talk to someone BUT ... I want to stop smoking BUT ... I never seem to feel as confident as everyone else, I always seem to...

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Congratulations to all those of you who started STOPTOBER 2016 today. By now your pulse has already returned to normal, your circulation has improved, the Carbon Monoxide in your blood has reduced by 75% and the Nicotine by 90% - keep going the benefits keep on...

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Therapy and New Year’s resolutions

Do you set the same resolutions every year and fail? In 2015 the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions were...   Lose Weight Getting Organised Spend less, Save more Enjoy Life to the Fullest Staying Fit & Healthy Learn Something Exciting Stop Smoking Help Others In...

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